a complete marketing reporting tool with real-time KPIs

In marketing, reporting is a common mission. Having visibility on campaigns and actions is necessary in order to learn lessons, improve your strategy or even change your strategy. The problem is that you have to fetch the data, the KPIs on various platforms and especially create or update reports.

Thanks to Reportz, reporting becomes child’s play. The tool automates the creation and updating of reports in order to monitor KPIs in real time and share this data with customers. Report is an intuitive, fully customizable reporting tool that leverages real-time data across all marketing channels. A very practical tool that risks making the daily life of marketers, freelancers, etc. easier.

All marketing data is centralized

With Reportz, the entire reporting process is automated and updated regularly, without additional effort. In this way, the reporting system is accelerated and above all, the data is shared transparently with customers.

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Reportz offers a personalized dashboard, based on KPIs. The KPIs to highlight are to be defined, in order to focus on the most important data. Dashboards can integrate data from different sources in order to centralize all decision-making parameters.
The process of creating these is very simple. On the tool, an unlimited number of users can be added, which facilitates collaboration within a company. Custom subdomains can be assigned to dashboards, automatic reports can also be sent by email. Finally, dashboards can be password protected, so that only authorized people can access them.

Data updated in real time

Report integration

Reportz integrates with a large number of tools, such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, Instagram, WooCommerce, etc. Templates are available for SEO, PPC, social networks, e-commerce. The templates are fully customizable.

Reportz comes with an attractive promotion. For 69 dollars instead of 2304, it is possible to create and customize 20 dashboards. For more dashboards, other offers are offered with attractive discounts.

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