Apple launches free learning tool for teachers

While Google continues to intensify its efforts in the world of education, Apple has just announced the arrival of several new products for teachers. In addition to updating the In Class and For School applications, the Californian firm also unveiled a new learning device: Apple Teacher Portfolio.

Teachers benefit from a new tool from Apple

Apple has just announced the deployment of Teacher Portfolio “ to help teachers bring creativity to every lesson and any topic, no matter where they are learning “. Through this tool, teachers will be able to explore 21 free lesson models and ideas in order to discover new ways of teaching students. The guides on offer deal in particular with the themes of photography, video, music and even drawing, and introduce explanations concerning the new features present in Apple applications.

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The new Apple Teacher Portfolio learning tool also allows teachers to keep a journal of all their activities. Thus, they can easily share their experiences, methods and tools used during lessons with their colleagues.

On the education side, Apple also took the opportunity to update its applications for teachers and students. En Classe thus adapts to the specificities of the health crisis with a function allowing remote management and control of work. The For School application now allows the sharing of work done by students between teachers.

Apple is making its new tool, the Teacher Portfolio, available to teachers.

Teachers will be able to offer their students new ways of learning using Apple’s Teacher Portfolio tool

The iWork suite also benefits from an update

After this announcement in favor of teachers, the Cupertino company has deployed an update for the software of the iWork office suite. Pages (the equivalent of Word), Numbers (Excel) and Keynote (PowerPoint) thus switch to version 11.

Among the major new features added by Apple, users will be able to take advantage of the Scribble feature on iPad. Until then reserved for the Notes application, the latter allows you to convert writings produced using the stylus into digital text.

On Mac, Keynote is the best off with in particular the arrival of a tool allowing to view the notes of a presentation and the slides in a separate window. In addition, all three applications take advantage of a new Apple Script feature that allows users to change their file passwords and open protected documents.

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