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Succulents and Succulents Tables – Photo:

Plant paintings are trendy and very decorative! This little practical sheet explains how to make a plant painting of succulents and succulents yourself. Easy to grow and maintain, succulents offer many advantages for the composition of living paintings. The variety of colors, shapes and textures are also incredible decorative assets… the creative possibilities are almost endless!

Create a plant frame with cuttings of succulents!

To make a succulents table you need three main elements: a frame, succulents cuttings, substrate and a handful of natural moss. If you are a bit of a handyman, you can easily make the frame using a few wooden slats or cleats, creating any shape you like. Then it will be enough to fill the frame with substrate and have a thin layer of natural moss on the surface and place a wire mesh, which will prevent the potting soil from falling. All you have to do is transplant the small cuttings, carefully arranging them against each other in the frame.


A plant array of heart-shaped succulents - Photo:
A plant array of heart-shaped succulents – Photo:

How to maintain succulents in paintings!

Once your plant table is finished, wait preferably two or three days before watering it and keep it horizontally for about a month before placing it vertically, the time for the cuttings to take root and thus properly maintain the substrate. !


Succulent paintings can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, if you have chosen frost-free plants, be sure to shelter the painting during the winter period, in a bright and frost-free place. As the plants grow, you can prune the plants as you wish, make cuttings and transplant them again… and why not redo another table!

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