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There are 1001 different ways to recycle old pallets! But have you ever thought about making a square vegetable garden with reclaimed pallets… it’s easy and of course it brings great savings. Building your own square vegetable garden also allows you to adapt the shape, height and dimensions to the space you have available.

Beautiful vegetable plots, practical and economical!

In addition to a few salvage pallets, all you need to do is buy a few screws to secure the pallets together and a small roll of geotextile to hold the planting soil together. From these materials, you can easily build yourself a superb square vegetable garden to grow your own vegetables and aromatic plants.

To see more examples of the construction of square vegetable gardens with recovery pallets, I invite you to go to our Pinterest page: Making a square vegetable garden.

Are you not a handyman at all? Here are some shopping ideas:

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