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The clubhouse is the app that has been making noise for the past few months. Its concept, the arrival of a program dedicated to creators so that they monetize their programs or an investigation opened by the CNIL, the subjects are numerous and the application is causing much ink to flow. Other social networks are also trying to copy the concept, in order to develop the audio part and make room for Clubhouse.

While many tools exist to maximize the use of Clubhouse, its profile picture, improve the visibility of events, these are all developed by third parties and not Clubhouse directly. Today it is Twiso that we are highlighting. A simple tool that allows you to promote Clubhouse events and grow your audience.

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Differentiate easily on social networks

The concept of Twiso is simple. This is a tool that allows you to customize an event page with a single click. Right now when a room is created and the event is shared on social media, the event thumbnail isn’t exactly original and sexy.

Twiso automatically generates personalized Clubhouse event pages. You just have to copy the event link in Twiso and three templates are available to stand out. Thumbnails are optimized for social media to get key information straight away.

A free tool with many features

With Twiso, the objective is to make a difference, especially on social networks, but also in the face of the many events created on a daily basis on the application.

Other features will be added to Twiso in the future, such as additional templates, email forms to stay in touch with participants or people interested in the event, but also forms to monetize private events.

Twiso is a free tool to use without moderation to maximize the visibility of your Clubhouse rooms! In addition, Twiso also offers many templates to help companies stand out with attractive visuals.

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