true centers of excellence 2.0?

Inspired by the first emblematic Social Rooms such as that of Nestlé in Switzerland, the aim of which was to protect the brand against reputational crises from the web, several large French groups have bet in recent years on similar Room devices. These companies centralize the social media teams and the technologies used in the same place, symbol of the digital transformation of the organization.

Whether they are at the initiative of the communication or marketing departments, whether they have an objective of listening to conversations or speaking out for the brand, these Social Rooms, Data Rooms, War Room or even Social Hub are intended to be be true centers of excellence in digital marketing in organizations.

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The Social Room Inside site, created on the initiative of The Metrics Factory and Saas Advisor, offers an overview of Social Rooms in France, in order to better understand the objectives of these systems and to identify best practices. The floor is thus given to the experts in charge of Social Rooms within several large groups, in order to discuss critical social media topics and to highlight the different architectures of tools used. Two interviews, from Orange and Pierre Fabre, are already available on the site.

The Orange Social Room: using customer support in the service of business

The Orange France Social Room, based in Arcueil, brings together a team of multidisciplinary experts who process data in real time to improve and optimize the customer experience. CRM, community management, social listening and data analysis: the main digital marketing professions are brought together in one place to promote collaboration.

“Our main mission is to increase the efficiency of our services and the satisfaction of our customers” explains Bruce Hoang, director of digital communication and data at Orange. To do this, the team relies on a set of technological solutions making it possible to collect, analyze and visualize data in real time, including in a crisis situation.

Pierre Fabre’s Social Hub: listen, talk, respond

In its digital transformation, the Pierre Fabre group wanted to put the knowledge of audiences and consumers back at the heart of the company. For this, a social hub has been created, with a team that centralizes the efforts of monitoring and listening to the web at the service of the various brands of the group.

“The mandate of the Social Hub is to put listening to the patient, consumers and our stakeholders at the heart of the Pierre Fabre strategy” explains Clara Thibault, Director of the Monitoring, Social Listening and Documentation Department at Pierre Fabre.

From a physical location to a virtual collaborative space

If the Social Rooms are at the base embodied by emblematic and “physical” places in the company, where employees meet, the health crisis has changed the situation. By relying on collaborative tools, the Social Room teams have organized themselves to continue their activity despite working remotely, opening up new perspectives for the future of these devices, which are more dematerialized.

Several large groups have agreed to open the doors of their Social Room during this particular period, and to share the secrets of these high places of digital transformation.
For Quentin Gressien, associate director of The Metrics Factory, a consulting agency specializing in data analysis, “Social Rooms are the embodiment of the challenge currently facing advertisers: finding the perfect alliance between human resources, know-how and technology. Analyzing these 2.0 centers of excellence makes it possible to identify best practices ”.

Jonathan Charbit, founder of Saas Advisor, a consulting firm and integrator of marketing technologies, indicates that “The Social Rooms are one of the answers to the challenges of transforming organizations. The technologies, employee profiles and objectives that we meet there are very diverse depending on the companies and their sectors of activity. Faced with the many recurring questions that we receive on the subject, we wanted to shed a transverse and agnostic perspective from a technological point of view ”.
More interviews are coming in the coming weeks on the site.

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