Alibaba launches a cloud service offer for individuals

With an estimated turnover of 33 billion dollars in 2020, the cloud has become a very important market. Boosted by the pandemic which has accelerated the storage needs of companies, individuals are also interested, which prompted the Alibaba group to launch its cloud offer for them, called Alibaba Cloud Drive.

The global cloud market is currently dominated by the Americans with Amazon leading the way, followed by Microsoft and Google. But the Chinese have also started to invest in this juicy market which is experiencing maddening growth. This is particularly the case of the Alibaba group which, with its Alibaba Cloud offer; has found a formidable growth driver in its subsidiary. Founded in 2009, it is already the largest provider of cloud services for professionals in China. In the last quarter of 2020, Alibaba’s cloud business revenue increased 50% to 2.07 billion euros, contributing to 7% of the group’s revenue. Still far from the income generated by its rivals on the other side of the Atlantic, the firm still has other assets in its pocket to join them.

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Alibaba Cloud has just announced the launch of a new product, Alibaba Cloud Drive, a storage space dedicated to individuals. The service, which was opened for public testing on Monday, offers users up to two terabytes of free storage and high upload and download speeds. For the moment, the offer is only offered for iOS and Android environments. Alibaba thus comes to walk on the beds of players already well established in China such as the search engine Baidu with its Baidu Wangpan offer which has 40 million monthly active users, followed by Tencent, which with Weiyun holds 4.4 million. users.

But with a Chinese market of 404 million personal users in 2020, the sector remains very fragmented and there is still room for new players keen to meet the growing needs of Internet users. “In the era of 5G, richer cloud service scenarios and capabilities will emerge … demand from online disk users will continue to increase,” said Daniel Zhang Yong, CEO of Ali Baba.

As China accelerates its digital investments (the revenue of the consumer cloud market is expected to grow by more than 20% per year from 2019 to 2024), numerous anti-rust investigations have been launched lately against the main technology companies in the country. . We will therefore have to be vigilant in the coming weeks and see if the Chinese government sees the expansion of giant Alibaba in the cloud very favorably …

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