4 templates and 195 cutomizable pages to create eBooks, Lead Magnets and other premium content

To be visible these days, it is essential to create content. This can take the form of white papers, guides, checklists… You have to be creative in putting out this content, making it available to an audience and above all getting people to talk about yourself or your brand.

The Template Tribe is a company offering a multitude of Canva templates for various niches, coaches, people offering online courses … A subscription is offered to access all models. Today’s offer provides access to 4 precise templates: Lead Magnet / eBook, Workbooks and questionnaires, Checklists and welcome courses!

Templates for online content creators

The advantage of the pack offered by The Template Tribe is that it is 100% customizable, from pure and hard content (i.e. text), including colors, images and even fonts.

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sample template

Let’s go through the 4 templates offered in detail. The first includes 70 customizable pages that you can choose and mix to create a lead magnet, a PDF guide or an ebook for sale.
The second offers 45 customizable pages to create a workbook, a course sheet, or a PDF guide to complete online training. The third template is dedicated to checklists, the guide and provides 40 customizable pages. Finally, the fourth template is dedicated to welcome courses and the presentation of a course. For this 40 customizable pages are provided.templates

An overview of the models is available right here. With these four templates it is possible to obtain a basis to start creating an ebook, a lead magnet, without having to start from scratch. Since the content is customizable, it can easily match the branding of a particular company.

The pack with the 4 templates is currently offered at only 39 dollars for life. For this price, the 4 separate files are included, 100% customization of the templates, photos are included as well as tutorials for editing the templates.

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