group action targets the controversial butterfly keyboard in the United States

After the case of the restricted iPhone, another major problem encountered by the devices of the Apple brand is tarnishing its image and could well earn it a fine fine. A judge has in fact granted class action status to a lawsuit targeting the butterfly keyboards of certain MacBooks.

In 2018, MacBook owners from seven states in the United States filed a separate complaint against Apple, alleging that the company was aware of problems with its keyboard. These different cases are now joined into one: everyone residing in California, New York, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan and Washington State who purchased a 2015 MacBook- 2017, a 2016-2019 MacBook Pro or a 2018-2019 MacBook Air can join it.

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Introduced in 2015 on the MacBook, the butterfly keyboard is thinner than a classic model, and was designed to provide shorter feedback, save space inside the device, and type faster. However, many users noticed that this design made it easier for dust to accumulate inside the keys, making them sticky and preventing them from registering commands properly. As a result, the keyboard of several people had to be completely changed.

In 2018, a report claimed that MacBook keyboard repairs had increased by 40% since the launch of the butterfly keyboard. To solve the problem, the Cupertino company has launched a program allowing its customers to obtain a repair or a change of keyboard for free during the next four years. She finally ditched the design in 2020.

In their complaint, consumers nevertheless claim that Apple was aware of the deficiency of its keyboard and waited five years to finally put an end to its marketing. The complaint mentions in particular an internal communication of the firm, in which a manager wrote: “ No matter how much lipstick you try to put on this pig … it stays ugly », In reference to the butterfly keyboard.

If we still do not know what Apple risks in this case, it is reminiscent of that of the restricted iPhone, when the firm admitted to having slowed down the processors of old models in order to preserve their aging battery. For this, the apple brand was fined $ 113 million.

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