Qualcomm was working on a portable console inspired by the Switch

Known for its SoCs for smartphones, tablets and laptops, the Californian giant Qualcomm has never really hidden its interest in video games. If until now Qualcomm had mostly contented itself with making its various chips always more effective in play on Android, we learned this Tuesday from the specialized site Android Police that the firm would have plans to enter the market. the nomadic console, with a machine inspired by the Switch, but running Android 12. Better still, the development of this portable console signed Qualcomm would be relatively advanced, with a launch window expected from next year … at least if the group chooses to realize a project whose commercialization is still far from assured.

Android 12, an equivalent of Joy-con, a large battery … but above all an affordable price

As The Verge specifies, the device would more or less take the appearance of a large smartphone including detachable controllers and an active dissipation system (as some manufacturers of gaming smartphones are already offering). According to information gleaned by Android Police, but also by Mishaal Rahman, the editor-in-chief of XDA Developers, Qualcomm’s machine would bet on a 6.55-inch Full HD screen (instead of the 6.2-inch 720p panel of the current Switch) and on a copious 6000 mAh battery.

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On the processor side, Qualcomm would bet on an SoC of its own, but it is possible that the firm does not turn to its high-end. The most affordable smartphone equipped with a Snapdragon 888 (the Realme GT 5G, notes The Verge) is indeed offered at around $ 430. Too high a price for Qualcomm who would like to compete head-on with the Switch with an attractive price, limited to around $ 300.

However, this product’s path to success is strewn with some pitfalls. Because if the device could count on the entire catalog of games available on Android, Qualcomm will have to put forward serious arguments to convince consumers to use a third-party console to access content they can already play with a smartphone. Android (possibly with some accessories). Another problem: the success of the Switch is due both to its concept (possibility of playing on a television), but also and above all to its exclusives. Many players have indeed bought a Switch to play mainly Zelda Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing or the various Mario titles launched on the console.

Note that a solution could be found for Qualcomm. Certain elements highlighted by Mishaal Rahman suggest that Qualcomm could simply offer this portable console in white label. The idea would then be to provide other companies with a turnkey product that can be marketed as is, without having to invest in research and development. A hypothesis that deserves to be taken seriously since it would prove to be relevant in certain markets, particularly in Asia.

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