This free customizable template will allow you to develop an influencer brief

Marketing influence is exploding to the point of becoming an essential lever for communication campaigns in 2021. Influencers are collaborating more and more with brands and, if they like being able to take advantage of the latter’s offers to build content, videos , posts or stories consistent with their editorial line, it is also necessary that they fully understand the objectives of the brands with which they collaborate.

The brief therefore plays a crucial role in the brand / influencer or brand / agency / influencer relationship and cannot be relegated to a few rough-cut bullet points in an email. Time saving, good transmission of information, framing of the project … the influencer brief is THE central document of any influence campaign.

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Meltwater, a SaaS platform for listening and analyzing social networks as well as influencing campaigns, makes your work easier with a free influencer brief template. It’s simple: just download the customizable brief template and follow Meltwater’s step-by-step advice on completing the template.


How to frame your relationship with influencers in 2021?

As you can discover by downloading the influencer brief template, the document consists of several parts: a presentation of your company, a detailed campaign brief, the deliverables expected with maximum precision and finally, what the creator of content has the right to do and not to do. Four very clear parts, which will allow the influencers with whom you want to collaborate to quickly understand the strategy you want to adopt and the actions you plan to take while leaving them free to inject their creativity.

Everything is done so that marketing and communication professionals can appropriate the template, customize it and save time during each new influence campaign, but also when it comes to briefing several creators. of content in the same campaign.


The heart of the brief: the details of the campaign

Highlight of the brief template: provide as much detail and context as possible about the campaign you want to run. This downloadable template guides you precisely in this direction with pre-written sentences to describe the objective of the campaign, such as: “Show how the Brand X enables men to travel in comfort and style around the world”. Meltwater then helps you refine the message: “The Brand X is the only brand that combines comfort and style to get you where you want to go, anywhere in the world”.

You will then need to detail the target audience and the allocated budget. The template to download will remind you and guide you: “Target audience on Instagram: travelers aged 25 to 35. Plan one post + one story per week for a month ”.

In short, this model is worthy of personalized support, in addition to being accessible to everyone free of charge.


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