Thales and Google Cloud join forces to try to obtain the French label

Together, Thales and Google Cloud want to create a “sovereign cloud offer” in line with the French label “cloud of confidence” launched in May 2021 by the government. This label aims to reconcile digital sovereignty and economic competitiveness. Thales and Google Cloud plan to create a new dedicated entity to pilot this project.

An alliance that worries French cloud players

Despite the good intentions displayed by the French and American giants, several players in the sector say they are worried as for the development of this new entity, once again dependent on an American company. David Chassan, Director of Strategy for 3DS Outscale, said: “Sovereignty is not a business opportunity to be seized depending on the weather. We cannot use an announcement effect to make public actors wait. The trusted cloud already exists with technology players qualified SecNumCloud by ANSSI ”.

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What worries French cloud players is that a major American player in the sector take a position on the French market, yet desired as a “sovereign cloud” market. In fact, it’s pretty smart on the part of Google. As the government wants to accelerate the transformation of the public service through data, the development of such a partnership could be viewed very favorably. In this regard, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance, declared that: “This partnership shows that France, like other European countries, is able to impose strict conditions on the digital giants, in accordance with the government’s cloud doctrine”.

Thales and Google Cloud want to obtain the “trusted cloud” label

According to information communicated by Thales and Google Cloud, the objective of this alliance is to develop a “Strategic partnership”, whose objective is to “Co-develop, within a new company, a sovereign cloud offer meeting the criteria of the French label,” trust cloud “”. As part of this new alliance, Thales will hold the majority of the capital of the company and will exercise “Clear control of governance”, according to Marc Darmon, Deputy CEO of Thales in charge of the secure information and communication systems business.

Last May, the government unveiled its cloud deployment strategy on French territory. A plan that can be broken down into three axes: the famous “trusted cloud” label, the “central cloud” and an “ambitious industrial strategy”. Several ministers want to make this label a “cloud of trust” an anchor point to rebalance the market. In theory, it should provide legal and technical protection for customers of labeled cloud service providers.

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