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Having a community or being an actor in a community is important today. Many brands or individuals try to develop these in order to develop commitment or their expertise in a field. The problem is that to manage these communities you have to find the right tool! Between the all-out notifications, the tools that do not allow you to communicate smoothly, managing a community is not so easy!

Several tools exist like Circle for example. Today it is MOMO Board that we discover. This all-in-one platform helps people come together and collaborate effectively. It combines a bulletin board, chat and cloud storage in one app! The objective with this tool is to create “a more pleasant environment for efficient and relevant conversion for community members, providing the best possible solution to help them accomplish more.”


Communicate more effectively

Among the features of the tool we can mention:

  • 10 GB free cloud storage per account
  • the possibility of creating sub-boards for different themes
  • community confidentiality (private or public)
  • moderation functions (block members, delete messages …)
  • the possibility of appointing administrators and co-managing the community
  • unlimited number of messages / members
  • the creation of a 1: 1 or group chat room
  • the possibility of attaching an image, a video, an attachment when sending a message

MOMO Board is currently available for free on Android, iOS, mobile browsers, and also as a desktop application. Monetization is envisaged for the future with 3 different models: premium account, transaction fees for member subscription and community analysis.

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