YouTube, in turn, is interested in podcasts
youtube, in turn, is interested in podcasts

After not being very interested in it, it seems that Google has finally decided to invest more in podcasts. Bloomberg reveals that YouTube is currently looking for its first manager specializing in the audio format.

Although it does not invest in this sector, YouTube is a large podcast host: many creators post their episodes on the platform. For example, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has no less than 11 million subscribers on YouTube. It is precisely for this reason that the company is recruiting, its manager will be responsible for organizing and managing the millions of podcasts that already exist on the site. In addition, more and more YouTubers are launching into the audio format to complement their work carried out on the video platform.

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If Google has its own podcast hosting app, Google Podcasts, it seems obvious that YouTube has a lot of playing cards in this area thanks to its incredible popularity. Because if podcasts were already on the rise before the Covid-19 pandemic, it literally blew up the format. Podcasts are now a major marketing issue for many advertisers and according to predictions, advertising sales are expected to double this year for this sector. Of course, YouTube is already an advertising juggernaut, but it’s no wonder the service has decided to take a closer look at audio given these numbers, especially since its competitors invest heavily in the sector.

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Podcast ad sales are expected to double this year. Photography: Will Francis / Unsplash

This is particularly the case of Spotify and Apple, but also of Amazon and Facebook, which should soon integrate a podcast player within its application. More broadly, the whole field of audio has seen a strong gain in popularity in recent months, with the emergence of Clubhouse as well, leading several social platforms to create their own audio lounges. If we could have thought, a priori, that the popularity of audio would wane at the end of the containment measures, this is definitely not the case. The fact that a service as powerful as YouTube is recruiting into the industry is proof of that.

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