Wing changes its drone delivery process in Australia
wing changes its drone delivery process in australia

Launched in 2019 after five years of testing, Wing offers residents of Canberra and Logan, Australia, a drone delivery service. During the Australian containment linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, requests have increased considerably, forcing the company to be more and more responsive.

According to Engadget, the company will launch a pilot during which its drones will be able to fly to the roofs of shopping centers, from which they will be able to pick up customer orders.

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Wing changes its delivery process for more efficiency

Until now, when a user places an order, drones have collected the merchandise from warehouses or hangars rented by the brand. The traders were then obliged to go to these facilities in order to place the various orders. But since the launch of the Wing pilot program, deliveries have been made from merchant points of sale.

This is the first time that the Alphabet subsidiary has made deliveries from the actual location of traders. Wing has partnered with Vicinity Centers, an Australian commercial real estate group, to test this new type of delivery from Grand Plaza, a shopping center on the outskirts of Logan. Since August, drones have been flocking to the shopping center to bring coffee, tea, medicine, health and beauty products or various foodstuffs to the inhabitants of the city.

Drone delivery is gradually democratizing in Australia and the United States

In six weeks of operation from the Grand Plaza, Wing has already made 2,500 deliveries. Since the start of the year, 50,000 deliveries have been made to the city of Queensland and more than 100,000 have been made since the inception of the service.

The company is looking to the United States and Finland, two of the countries where it has started to set up pilot programs to allow, for example, the inhabitants of Christiansburg, Virginia, to have an order delivered by drone. .

Jesse Suskin, Head of Political and Community Affairs for Wing Australia told Engadget that “If the Grand Plaza pilot project is successful, the company could potentially deploy similar models to other locations in Vicinity Centers’ commercial property portfolio.”. By setting up this delivery process, the drone operator saves the cost of renting the warehouse and transporting the delivered products to the logistics hub.

Nevertheless, last month an event occurred within the town of Camberra: Wing’s drones were forced to stay on the ground to avoid being attacked by crows. These attacks are explained by a more extensive territorial behavior in the animal during the nesting period. In this way, crows protect their nests against possible invaders, such as drones. The company is currently working with ornithology experts to increase respect for the city’s wildlife and have minimal impact on bird life in areas where drone deliveries are made. Despite this event, the service remains available within the town of Logan, which continues to operate its new drone delivery service.

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