Goodbye IGTV, hello Instagram Video
goodbye igtv, hello instagram video

IGTV is (almost) over. Instagram announced on October 5 that IGTV’s videos will now be merged with the Feed’s videos, in a new format called “ Instagram Video “. IGTV thus becomes Instagram TV. This change is part of the social network’s strategy to compete with other platforms, and to become the number 1 entertainment network.

Its CEO, Adam Mosseri, explained that Instagram was ” plus a photo sharing app, or a square photo sharing app », And that the priority today was video. The goal is in particular to compete with TikTok on the format of short videos, and YouTube on the format of long videos.

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YouTube, in turn, is interested in podcasts

IGTV, the failure of Instagram

IGTV was launched by Instagram in 2018. Having its own app, it was also available on the Instagram app, with its own tab. The network owned by Facebook then wanted to compete with YouTube. However, the service never found its audience. Concretely, it made it possible to broadcast long and vertical format videos. They could not exceed 15 minutes if they were loaded on the platform from a smartphone and the application. On the other hand, from the web, their duration could go up to 60 minutes.

Image showing Instagram's new video format, Instagram Video, and its tab

Content in the new Instagram Video format has its own tab on the creators’ profiles. Image: Instagram.

If this service has never found its audience, it is perhaps the fault of its operation, to say the least original. Snippets of IGTV videos could appear in the Feed (Instagram’s news feed), but to watch them in full, you had to switch to another app. What to lose the users.

« IGTV and Feed videos will now be one format », Explains a press release. However, Reel continues to exist. The short videos service is still available independently of Instagram TV, and accessible through its own tab. This format being supposed to compete with TikTok, the network of Adam Mosseri does not wish to touch it for the moment.

One format to rule them all

Instagram Video is also coming with new features. In addition to additional filters, it is also possible to crop a video or tag people. Whether long or short, the previews of these videos will not be able to exceed 60 seconds, “ unless the video is eligible for ads “, Explains the social network,” in this case the preview will always be 15 seconds He adds.

These contents will be located in a new tab, which replaces that of IGTV. It aims to make it easier for users to find the videos of creators they want to watch. It will also be possible to go to full screen with a simple tap on the video, and to scroll to see others. IGTV advertisements, for their part, become the ” Instagram In-Stream Video Ads “. Creators will also be able to continue to monetize their videos.

Image showing Instagram's new feature to tag a person in a video

Among the new features that are coming with Instagram Video is the ability to tag another user. Image: Instagram.

This shift on Instagram’s part was predictable. In 2020, the IGTV button was removed from the homepage on the network because it was not getting enough traffic. Out of more than one billion users, barely 7 million have downloaded the IGTV application according to data collected by Sensor Tower.

Above all, the social network is trying to catch up with its competitors TikTok and YouTube. The first is since 2020 the second favorite social network of American teenagers, just ahead of Instagram. The second still enjoys a virtual monopoly when it comes to long format videos. Above all, Instagram wants to become the number one entertainment app. As its CEO announced a few months ago, this notably involves the development of video and e-commerce within the application.

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