A new team in charge of cryptocurrencies at the US Department of Justice
a new team in charge of cryptocurrencies at the us

The US Department of Justice, also called DOJ (Department of Justice), has just announced the creation of a new internal team responsible for enforcing the rules relating to cryptocurrencies. the Wall Street Journal explains that this new team will notably investigate ransomware attacks, which usually involve payment in cryptocurrency.

The US Department of Justice establishes the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team

The US Department of Justice has finally taken stock of the evolution of fraud, increasingly linked to cryptocurrencies. The National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team will be in charge of all matters that involve the use of cryptocurrencies: ransomware, money laundering, etc. A team specially trained to investigate cases where cryptocurrencies are used for criminal purposes. The team will combine the expertise of its section “Money laundering” and that of its section “Computer crime and intellectual property”.

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Initially, the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team will be placed under the direction of Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr. Ultimately, the Department of Justice is looking for a person specialized in the field of cryptocurrencies to lead this new team. Ideally, the DOJ would like to find a person “Having experience in complex criminal investigations and prosecutions, as well as in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology”.

This new team in charge of cryptocurrencies should not be bored

With the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team, the ministry hopes to cope with the massive increase the number of cases related to cryptocurrencies. In recent years, cybercrime has steadily increased, especially ransomware attacks. In the context of these attacks, hackers take a company’s computer networks hostage and demand a ransom, most often in cryptocurrency. We obviously remember the recent attack on the Colonial Pipeline. This ransomware had consequences in the real world since it caused a fuel shortage on the US East Coast.

In a press release for announce the creation of this new team in charge of cryptocurrencies, Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco said: “Today, we are launching the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team to leverage the ministry’s expertise in cybercrime and money laundering to strengthen our ability to dismantle the financial entities that allow criminal actors to thrive – and frankly to profit – from the abuse of cryptocurrency platforms ”.

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