This tool allows you to discover interesting threads from accounts that are not necessarily popular!
this tool allows you to discover interesting threads from accounts

Twitter is a popular social network and used by many people (especially when Instagram and Facebook crash). Discovering new accounts, new people on Twitter takes time and is not always the first objective. You will follow relatives, personalities, media and companies and then your feed offers you content that seems to correspond to you. The content put forward is also that of the people with the most subscribers … What if you discovered new accounts, dealing with subjects outside your comfort zone?

This is what Harshit, the founder of BookMyPainting with ThreadHunt, offers. A simple and free tool which sends by email every Tuesday 5 interesting Twitter threads from unknown creators, on various and varied subjects.

Discoveries every Tuesday

After entering an email address, you just have to wait until Tuesday to receive new discoveries in your mailbox. 5 thread therefore, on different themes. For example in the most recent there is a thread on fundraising, another on communication, another on optimizing your Twitter profile etc.

In the same category

YouTube, in turn, is interested in podcasts

The ThreadHunt teams search more than 100 Twitter threads every week to discover nuggets and especially interesting discussions. Among the themes addressed, we find:

  • business
  • tech
  • strategy
  • marketing
  • growth
  • creativity
  • productivity
  • personal development

A practical tool that allows you to make discoveries, learn new things every week and which has been a real success on Product Hunt!

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