Niantic and Nintendo are preparing an augmented reality Pikmin game

Niantic intends to repeat the feat. After the worldwide success of Pokémon Go, the American studio will now tackle another flagship license of the Nintendo team: Pikmin. This will be the first title developed as part of a long-term partnership between the two companies, a press release said.

Nintendo and Niantic team up in long-term collaboration

It’s official: Nintendo chose Niantic to become its “Augmented reality application editor”. In other words, the American studio will be in charge of developing games for smartphones in augmented reality, which are based on the different universes of the Japanese giant. A trust that Niantic says to himself « honoré », and that he obviously deserved.

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5 years ago, the American studio turned the world upside down by launching Pokémon Go. Thanks to its innovative concept mixing the virtual world with the real world, the title was able to create the event and breathe new life into Nintendo’s flagship license. The success is such that during its first month of operation, the title generated $ 206 million. In 2019, Pokémon Go surpassed the billion downloads mark and more impressively, it generated over $ 249 million for the tourism industry in the same year.

Note that Niantic later tried to repeat the experience with another iconic license, Harry Potter. If the start of the game was promising, they never matched the excellent results of Pokémon Go.

Pikmin will be entitled to his game in augmented reality

To inaugurate this partnership, Niantic will tackle Pikmin, Nintendo’s flagship license which was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, and which was released for the first time on GameCube in 2001. As a reminder, it is a strategic game based on discovery and exploration from the planet of the Pikmins, little colorful creatures halfway between goblins and blades of grass.

If the gameplay that will be offered to us remains a mystery, Niantic lets some clues shine through: “The app will include play activities to encourage walking and make it more enjoyable. Scheduled to be launched later this year, it will be the first title created by our Tokyo studio since its inception in April 2018 ”.

In a statement released by Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto says a little more: “Niantic’s augmented reality technology allows us to discover a world in which the Pikmins seem to secretly live all around us. Based on the desire to make walking enjoyable, our mission is to offer players a new experience different from those of traditional games. We hope that the Pikmin, just like this app, will become your life partners ”. There is no denying it, the art of teasing is well mastered.

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