Spotify unveils an overhaul of its PC and web application

Spotify today unveiled a brand new design for its desktop app. It will apply to Windows and Mac versions, as well as to the browser version. Overall, this is not a redesign, but rather a small update to the user interface.

This announcement comes days before another, for which Spotify had some visual changes coming to its mobile app. The new desktop version follows in these footsteps, with a design that will be more readable overall. When all the elements dedicated to organization or navigation were in the left bar, the update will distribute them with a new menu that will appear at the top. What to limit the current congestion.

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Another key element of the user experience is also out of place, and very clean. The search area changes from a nice search bar to a simple icon. Spotify, however, took care to place it in a new strategic location.

Introducing new version of the Spotify desktop application

Spotify’s new version of the app will be less cluttered, with a menu split in two. Image: Spotify.

On the right, in addition to the search, the user will be able to access another menu, offering a ranking of playlists: the most relevant, recently played, recently added, in alphabetical order, personalized ranking.

This new design does not come without new features. And they relate to Spotify playlists. It will be possible to add a description, but also to add your own image to illustrate it. Better yet, another search bar will apply to the interface when the user is in the process of modifying it in order to more easily add new music.

The new playlist creation interface on Spotify

The experience of creating or modifying a playlist on Spotify has been redesigned so that the user can personalize their playlist. Image: Spotify.

These novelties are revealing of part of Spotify’s projects. Indeed, the music streaming platform intends to capitalize more and more on curation, with an audience that it calls playlists. “Playlisters are amazing on Spotify, but it seems like there is little scope for interacting with these playlisters – or for these playlisters to really understand who is listening to them and be able to build that second group of creators. [qui] create indirectly by helping other people find content to listen to, ” Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said at a conference. This update therefore paves the way for a better contribution from playlist makers to the overall Spotify experience.

The streaming service announces that this update will be rolled out in the coming weeks. If you want to use it now, the web version of Spotify is the first to change its design.

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