The end of illuminated advertising soon?  Several deputies propose a

French deputies, including Delphine Batho, Matthieu Orphelin and Cédric Villani among others, tabled on March 23, 2021 a bill entitled: “For a real climate law” . The tone is set. Through Article 9 of this text, the deputies ask the ban on illuminated advertising in France. In urban areas, but also outside built-up areas.

The end of illuminated advertising in France?

According to this Text Article: “Any luminous advertising, digital or supporting posters lit by projection or transparency is prohibited”. The deputies wanted to be precise to make it clear that this ban should apply everywhere in France.

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They add that: “This prohibition applies both in built-up areas, outside built-up areas, on roads open to public traffic as well as in airports, in train and bus stations or in stations and at public transport stops for people”.

This bill is not tabled by chance. At this very moment, another text is being consulted in the National Assembly. A text this time submitted by the government. The bill also addresses the issue of light pollution in its Article 7.

However, a slight nuance that makes all the difference: the government does not want to ban illuminated advertisements but simply to regulate their use… With her bill, Delphine Batho hopes to make things happen.

Climate awareness must now take place

In the introduction to their text, MEPs recall that: “Climate change is the business of the century, and France can meet the challenges of this emergency. Yes, it is possible to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in social justice and by improving the quality of life for all ”.

It involves rethink and transform our ways of producing, to consume, to live or to move around. Sales of electric cars are increasing in Europe. In 2020, 1 million hybrid or electric vehicles were sold in 18 European markets. A record.

A text in accordance with scientific recommendations and the will of the youth who are mobilizing for the climate. The year 2020 was the hottest ever recorded in France, as in the world and the past decade itself was the hottest on record.

It is time to act with concrete and firm proposals. Some French players work in this direction on a daily basis. This is the case of Echy, a French startup that offers eco-responsible light through optical fiber.

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